artist statement and biography

Making stylized contemporary furniture, sculpture and accessories is a culmination of my life experiences. I grew up in what I knew to be a typical military family. My dad was a naval officer. On the opposite end, my mom was a clay artist. Machine versus craft. Sharp creases versus energetic creativity. Throughout most of my life I was surrounded by air shows, naval bases, art and craft shows, and galleries. My fascination with the military machine would forever cast an inquisitive light on my life in art and woodworking. I make the work I do to explore the influence of the military on my life.

By juxtaposing wood and metal, light and dark tones, smooth and rough textures I use wood as a canvas. My work explores a dialogue between “right” and “wrong.” Light and dark. Love and Hate. Peace and War. Human and Machine. My intention is to investigate and embrace this dichotomy to find a way in which I can express these opinions, likes, dislikes, fears and concerns. Soft contours and subtle angles yield gentle flow and movement in my woodworking. I incorporate woods native of North Carolina including walnut, cherry, maple and ash. Pushing my own boundaries and skills as a woodworker, I use furniture making as an expressive form of communication.

I enjoy using various techniques in my work, including wood bending, lamination, carving, and several types of hand shaping, to make my furniture and other wood art. I enjoy creating objects which can easily stand on their own as beautiful pieces of art or act as an outlet for more exploration. In developing my Caught in the Cypher series of tables I am interested in creating a functional table which explores modern table form. Floating the table top above the apron and legs creates a sense of lightness not often seen in tables. This soft, square shape adds a playful quality to an otherwise structured form. Since a summer internship at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in 2011 I have been incorporating pyrography into my work. This technique has enabled me to move forward with more expressive forms of woodworking and mark making. Using meaningful images on 2D canvases, such as cutting boards, is leading me to the use this technique on 3D forms, including jewelry boxes, tables and other wooden objects.


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