artist statment

My work is continually inspired, challenged and informed by both arts & crafts and military history & design. A deep reverence for art and honest expression, coupled with an increased disillusion with capitalism and the military industrial complex, helps to fuel and shape the furniture, sculpture and ideas I create.


Artist Statement
FURNISHED exhibition at SECCA in Winston-Salem, NC
July 2019 – Jan 2020

We are insulated and desensitized as a culture, to most things related to war, including unavoidable death, misery and injury. This expanding body of work takes some common, recognizable items: a table & a chair and places them in a different context. I am challenging what many know and expect about each of these objects… By attaching a prosthetic limb to a table, after its leg is maimed and disfigured by a landmine, I enable it to function in the real world again. I believe this violently destroyed and hastily restored table can bring us one step closer to empathy. To create a written message of peace, I have hand burnt words onto a meditation chair, making a connection with which your mind and body can sit with, absorb, and begin to heal in this time of turbulent war. My work is inspired by hope and action on behalf of peace and harmony in this world.